Co Charger

Co Charger is breaking down barriers to electric vehicle adoption through its groundbreaking community charging app.


What do they do?

Co Charger was founded in early 2020 with the sole purpose of creating the first Community Charging platform for electric vehicles (EVs). The concept stemmed from a recognition that the inability of around half of UK motorists to have a charger at home would remain a major sticking point to switching to an EV.

The company has set out to find a means to build a network of neighbourhood communities that would deliver the convenience, dependability and cost benefits of home charging to everyone, regardless of where they live.

At the core of their solution is the sharing economy and the improved use of Britain’s hundreds of thousands of home and workplace chargers.

By empowering individuals and businesses with chargers to rent them to nearby residents, neighbourhoods can go greener and cleaner sooner. The app already has over 3,500 users and has been growing at over 40% per month since launch.


Why do we love them?

Prioritising collaboration over competition, Co Charger aims to ensure electric vehicles are a viable choice for everyone in creating the first community charging platform of its kind and in so doing are hoping to facilitate a reduction in the UK’s carbon emissions of over 100,000 tonnes by the end of 2022.

“We are delighted to be part of the patchwork of solutions that pulls together expertise from so many sectors and companies genuinely intent on sustainability. It is vital to remain focused on the prime objective to ‘stop burning fossil fuels’. That means making the transition to electric vehicles simple, beneficial and attractive to everyone – regardless of whether they can have their own charger. The Climate Emergency and appalling health cost of fossil fuelled transport means that this is not just a target or a task it’s a race. The resources needed to decarbonise transport are there and this project will create a template for accelerating the transition to sustainability.”

Joel Teague, CEO of Co Charger



For more information, take a look at the Co Charger website. You can also download the Co Charger apps through iTunes or Google Play.