The Impact of our 2021 Campaign

We take a look at how our Bristol's Driving Change campaign made a difference across the region

Bristol was the first city in the UK to declare a climate emergency in 2019. Shortly after, the city’s elected mayor pledged it to become net zero by 2030, twenty years ahead of the government’s 2050 target for the UK.

We started Action Net Zero in 2020 as a movement for positive change with one simple aim; to help people make more sustainable choices, so that collectively, we can all accelerate action towards net zero.

With a fifth of global emissions caused by transport, important measures are being introduced such as the cessation of petrol and diesel car manufacture in the UK by 2030 and the pending introduction of the Clean Air Zone to Bristol next year; both of which are key in working towards net zero.

However, as 60% of carbon reduction needs to come from individuals and businesses in the next fifteen years to reach the net zero target, information about what changes to make and how to make them isn’t always clear and accessible; this is the issue we sought to address with our campaign.

To recap the campaign, you can read a downloadable press release here

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Our Impact Report 2021

In 2021, in conjunction with a collaborative partnership of subject matter experts, we ran our ‘Bristol’s Driving Change’ campaign.

Guided by the sustainable transport hierarchy, our campaign highlighted the cleaner, greener transport choices people could make. We also raised awareness of the importance of using renewable energy to power electric vehicles and its relationship with smart charging.

We connected with, and convened a unique partnership of companies and experts that provide practical solutions or advice on how residents and businesses can make more sustainable choices.

Our experts and partners represent end-to-end touchpoints in transport decarbonisation and the five-month campaign, which ran between July and November 2021, highlighted the small, easy and affordable steps and modal shifts that both residents and businesses in Bristol could take towards more sustainable transport choices.


Read the full report here

Key highlights

Here's how the campaign engaged people and businesses across Bristol and beyond with our messages:

  • Our outdoor media campaign was viewed an estimated 5.9 million times
  • 106 people signed up to our ‘Transformers’ initiative… and we kept in contact with another 6.4K people through our mailing list
  • Our LinkedIn following grew by 293% and 213% on Twitter
  • We had over 50K impressions on Twitter in August alone
  • Over 20K unique visits to our website during the campaign (and over 70K in the past year)
  • We appeared in 19 publications, were interviewed twice on BBC Radio Bristol and spoke at 8 events
  • We created 32 videos, 25 online guides and had 40 signups to our event
  • People spent an average of 4 minutes and 52 seconds reading our number one guide on EV batteries which was viewed 564 times


Read the full report here

Working together for good

We passionately believe that a collaborative approach is critical in driving change and essential action towards net zero.

Our partnership model is a blueprint that can be replicated by us in other cities and priority areas. On this campaign, we were delighted to work with ALD Automotive, Co Charger, Edwards, Good Energy, RightCharge, Business West, Elmtronics and TLT LLP.

Going forward, we will deepen our engagement with local community networks and develop our business support offering to help accelerate behavioural switches.

In scaling our reach beyond Bristol by focusing on other cities in the South West and looking at the region as a whole, we actively support the West of England Metro Mayor’s vision for tackling the climate emergency by 2030.

What's next?

We are forging partnerships to support change in other key focus areas. In addition to transport decarbonisation, our next priority will be to highlight the changes that need to happen in the built environment to reduce carbon emissions. 

While we continue to connect and convene, we are also becoming an end-to-end delivery partner and are currently forming exciting partnerships with a variety of regional businesses. We’ve been recently appointed to provide greener transport options powered by renewable energy which we will deliver through the power of our collective.

Finally, we are thrilled to have formed a strategic alignment with Transform ESG; experts in delivering integrated environmental, social and corporate governance programmes. Together, we are excited to look to 2022 and beyond, and will be developing a year-long programmes to support residents and businesses switch to greener, cleaner choices.


Ready to get involved?

Join the revolution! If your business could benefit from being part of a net zero movement, find out how to be part of the change here.