Get Our Grid Renewable-Ready

Support our collective mission to net zero by voting for renewable-ready grid infrastructure

We're seeing more and more businesses taking strides towards Net Zero, and this progress and momentum is key in achieving a greener future for all of us.

However, our collective Net Zero targets are at risk if the infrastructure isn't in place to support them. 

Decaying electricity grids are a worldwide issue - not only because they are inefficient and prone to failure, but also because they are not currently able to manage the demand and support distributed supply of renewable energy. 

In the South West, our existing grid infrastructure simply isn't fit for purpose; it needs additional investment from Ofgem if we are to reach the 2030 Net Zero targets set by our towns and cities, as well as to attract inward investment, skills and talent to our region.

Ensuring the grid is robust enough to switch to renewable energy as soon as possible is critical to not just the climate crisis, but to the wider economy and prosperity of the South West.


The technology exists...

...But it requires investment.

Currently, Ofgem is holding up the installation and utilisation of renewable energy sources, delaying progress by up to a decade.

Ofgem’s latest plans would result in National Grid being able to facilitate the connection and charging of 22% (311,849) fewer electric vehicles than their stakeholder determined target of 1.5 million.

Delaying this essential investment into our infrastructure could add up to 5 years to regional net zero goals, and reduces access to essential technologies like EV charging points, as well as artificially driving up the costs of heat pumps and energy storage - making greater energy bill rises more likely in the future.

We can't turn back the clock

By following Ofgem's plan, we risk turning the clock back to 2015 performance levels.

Failing to invest in our grid doesn't just impact our jouirney to net zero - Ofgem’s proposal to cut funding for essential maintenance also increases the likelihood of disruption and power cuts across the region.

Research estimates the cost of upgrading the UK’s electricity grid to be £48 billion; and much of this will need to be in place by 2035 to meet our net zero targets.

Support Our Campaign

If renewable energy is part of your business' future, we need the national grid to keep up.

We're canvassing support across the South West to lobby MPs and influence Ofgem to use their funding to bring our grid up to scratch. 

You can help by showing your support of this vital investment in our national infrastructure.

Add your name to our list of businesses across the South West who want to see more action when it comes to getting our grid renewable-ready, and we'll use it to lobby local and national government to take a step forward on our net zero journey.

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