Become an insect protector | Stop their extinction

Love them or hate them, insects are all around us and they perform crucial roles. In the UK there are more than 27,000 species, but they're dying out 8 times faster than mammals, with up to a heartbreaking 41%* facing extinction.

Beetles, mayflies, moths, grasshoppers, bees, silverfish and dragonflies are just some of the insects that play vital roles that many of us don't even know about. These include pollinating crops and wildflowers, recycling nutrients in dung, spreading seeds, serving as a food source for bats and birds, fish and reptiles, eating pests or aerating the soil. Simply, without them we'd not be able to grow the crops that we eat. 

The Wildlife Trust has created a report to help stop the extinction of our insects called  Reversing the decline of insects. In the report it states that:

'The UK Government has a vital role to play, but communities and individuals can all make a huge difference too through direct action and influencing policy.

There's a comprehensive guide from Avon Wildlife Trust on Action on insects. 

We've rounded up some companies in the South West that sell wild flower seeds, insect hotels and alternatives to garden pesticides: 



Stop using pesticides

Stopping the use of pesticides in your garden will help protect insects and encourage biodiversity.

Grow wild flowers

Whether its a pot on your windowsill or a patch of your garden dedicated to wild flowers we can all help to re-wild our city.

Build an insect shelter

Help insects across the city by creating a shelter for them to thrive, create a natural insect hotel.

Will you give this a go?
Here are some companies that can help you along the way

Almondsbury Garden Centre

Natural Collection