Plant a tree or two | Help capture CO2 emissions

Trees are the ultimate way to capture carbon and store it. Bristol's challenge is to double its tree canopy by 2046.*

When carbon dioxide is released into the air from the burning of fossil fuels, 50% remains in the atmosphere, 25% of it is absorbed by plants, land and trees, and the other 25% goes into certain parts of the ocean. 

So planting trees to help capture CO2 in our city is crucial. That's why Replant Bristol, which launched in November 2019, is aspiring to plant a massive quarter of a million trees in 10 years. The need for this is due to the threat of dieback, with 75% of the city's most common tree the ash, predicted to be lost. It's vital that we start planting now, so that we have enough tree canopy in the city to absorb 14,000 tonnes of CO2 per year. 

Doubling Bristol's tree canopy cover from 15% to 30% by 2050 will support public health, help slow water flow through soils, filter the air, and cool our streets, ensuring the city is able to support the rise in population. 

Bristol has a wealth of tree varieties. Along with the ash, there are over 200 species, including the 700 year old oak tree in Ashton Park.

There are lots of ways you can get involved, not only in donating money for trees to be planted, but you can volunteer too, and even offer land for trees to be planted on. 

So whether you're a business, an individual, or a school, help make a difference and plant a tree today. 

*Replant Bristol 


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Replant Bristol

Replant Bristol