Switch to electric vehicles | Help improve our air quality

Decarbonising transport across the South West by 2030 will require a lot of change, but we can do this!

So, in order to achieve this there needs to be nearly a 50% reduction in car miles, and 40% reduction in van and lorry miles travelled, with all remaining vehicles switching to electric.* Sounds tricky? Come on, we laugh in the face of 'tricky'! 

Bristol's net zero journey* means that by 2023, all new vehicles bought in Bristol onwards need to be ultra low emission. Resulting in a rapid scrabbage of petrol and diesel vehicles, with people switching to EV, car clubs and active travel modes to reduce travel miles. These changes mean reduced costs, so we get to save money, but on top of that our local communities will benefit hugely with improved air quality and safety.

Bristol already has a very active car club operation and a freight consolidation scheme so a key focus is to accelerate the transition to electric powered mobility.

Electric cars and vans are much more accessible now with some clear perks - no car tax, some government backed grants, as well as being able to buy second hand electric vehicles. 

There's also a myriad of personal electric vehicles on the market, from scooters to skateboards. So even if you don't transition to a car or new fleet of vehicles, you could reduce your travel miles and have some fun with these run arounds. 

Contact your local dealer and find out whether you can plug in to the electric revolution. 

*Bristol Net Zero 2030

However please note: The use of electric scooters is technically illegal both on the road and pavement, as of April 2020 the Parliamentary Transport Committee is holding a consultation into e-scooters and their safety, legality and environmental impact.

Will you give this a go?
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Bristol Cycle Shack

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