Volunteer for a clean up | Keep our seas and landscapes safe

Grab some gloves and help to clean up our beaches, harbours and landscapes from harmful plastics and litter. It's a rewarding and hands-on way of supporting your net zero journey.

Right, this is a big one. It's been suggested that 8 million pieces of plastic enter our oceans every day. Yes, that's EVERY DAY. A staggering 1 million plastic bottles are sold EVERY MINUTE around the globe.* All of this plastic is destroying marine habitats, so protecting the environment has never been so important. 

Using plastic-free alternatives and recycling the plastic we do use, is excellent, but we can also help by actively picking up the plastic and litter in and around our communities. Whether it's at a local beach, the harbour or on your usual walk, clearing up with others can be hugely satisfying and fun.


* National geographic plastic facts


Will you give this a go?
Here are some companies that can help you along the way

Clean up Bristol Harbour

Clean Up Bristol Harbour is a monthly event inviting people to come along and pick up the floating rubbish that accumulates in the harbour.