About Us

Action Net Zero is a sustainability delivery partner.

We support residents, businesses, local authorities and communities to accelerate sustainable action and help tackle the climate crisis.


Founded in 2020 by Pam Barbato, Action Net Zero exists to support communities in addressing the climate crisis - and to support the local economy, too.

If you're a resident, we can show you how to make more sustainable choices, shining a light on how to save money and support your local community whilst helping the environment.

If you're a business, we provide clear paths of actions across key decarbonisation areas such as transport and the built environment, as well as connecting you with subject matter experts to provide end-to-end solutions to help you on your journey to net zero. 

By providing a dedicated net zero platform that will develop as the challenges and actions needed evolve, we are helping to showcase and build business reputations, measure engagement and create dialogue. We are here to support positive change and create green ecosystems. 

We're currently working with aligned strategic partners to scale our operations across the South West, supporting more residents and businesses on their net zero journey. This decade is known as 'the decade of action' when it comes to climate change - collectively, we can tackle the climate crisis and accelerate action. 

We are delighted to be working in partnership with Transform ESG, a strategic communications consultancy. Transform ESG delivers insight, action and communication plans around environmental, social and governance responsibilities. 

Our Work

Our focus area is to support communities across the South West to buy and use renewable energy better, aligning our aims with the targets and goals of the West of England Combined Authority and our corporate partners and communities.

We aim to collaboratively address the barriers to change, whilst promoting sustainable transport and energy solutions to businesses, residents and community groups, to mobilise our audiences to act through action-led campaigns, innovative delivery programmes and events.

The environmental challenge

Within the region, renewable electricity generation has more than doubled since 2014, yet still only provides 11% of the region’s electricity consumption.

Photovoltaics (PV) are the largest regional source, providing 44% of locally-generated renewables, followed by onshore wind at 20% (source).

The situation 

Many organisations of all sizes are now focused on energy resiliency, driven by their interest in risk management and mitigation operationally, as well as climate commitments. Energy management is an increasingly critical business issue. There is also an increased focus on supporting supply chains to decarbonise their energy, and thereby reduce Scope 3 emissions, as businesses integrate best practice into their procurement processes.

Corporations in the South West who have committed to Net Zero 2030 targets may be unable to generate enough renewable energy on their own premises to match consumption, so are looking to move towards distributed generation that gives them more security of competitive pricing.  

The barriers we aim to address include lack of knowledge and understanding of proven models for adoption, complexity of commercial and legal considerations, fear of investing in the wrong solutions given the pace of innovation within the market, supply chain issues, skill shortages in transport and renewable energy markets and power infrastructure and connectivity challenges.


Long-term fixed-price solar power contracts are now, in many cases, comparable in price or cheaper than grid electricity -  innovation in technology and finance has also opened up new opportunities, and will continue to do so. 

Impact focus

Mobilising organisations to act, Action Net Zero is an impact-led organisation, focused on supporting the South West to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and transition to sustainable transport and energy solutions, as well as helping residents to 'green' their homes through reenwable energy and increased efficiency.


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The directors of the partnership are:

Pamela Barbato

Founder, Action Net Zero
Non-Executive Director, Transform ESG

Pamela is a commercial environmentalist, supporting and driving the green agenda by utilising over 25 years-experience as a brand, marketing and sustainability engagement specialist working across broad industry sectors, including private and public, for both SME’s and corporates up to board level.

Passionate about accelerating change through collaboration, behavioural science, engagement and technology, Pam set up Action Net Zero Community Interest Company in 2020, with a vision of demonstrating the positive impacts of embracing sustainability with top-down/bottom-up approach, while supporting communities to prosper.

Daniel O'Connor

Founder, Transform ESG
Director, Action Net Zero

Dan’s passion and drive for enterprise development grew from owning his own business and building a web-based technology company up for a successful exit (Expert Agent now owned by Zoopla). Dan’s vision and entrepreneurial drive often enable him to identify strategies and opportunities that surprise and delight our clients. The hothouse atmosphere that is today’s ESG market provides unprecedented scope for some of his finest ideas.

Veronica Hannon

Founder, Transform ESG
Director, Action Net Zero

The daughter of passionate change-makers, Ronnie has always built purpose into her profession. An experienced marketing communications and public relations consultant and a senior strategic thinker, she helps organisations become brands. Great brands are built on integrity. It starts with research, strategy and planning and she takes it through to implementing plans and project managing thought-leadership programmes.

Robert Barnard-Weston

Non-Executive Director, Action Net Zero

Widely known as ‘the grandfather of sustainability’, Robert began his ESG consulting career in the late 1980s. Since then he has helped many companies, governments, charities, universities, local authorities, communities, health trusts and others to become more sustainable.

He has also co-launched numerous social and eco-enterprises, the UK farmers’ markets movement, five children and a growing band of grandchildren.