Grow your own fruit and veg | Save money

Reawaken your tastebuds, connect with nature and save money by growing your own fruit and veggies.

Many of us took up growing fruit and veg during the COVID-19 lockdown, and found it can help to keep our minds calm, as well as our bodies nourished. Whether we were newly green-fingered or seasoned professionals, the process of planting, watering, pruning, and harvesting seemed to do us all good.

Garden experts at Garden Buildings Direct have named courgettes, aubergines and Brussels sprouts as the most cost-effective vegetables to grow in gardens and allotments, with just one packet of seeds saving you around £149 on average. 

If you're a courgette fan, then pick up a packet of seeds for £3.99 and you could be harvesting 512 courgettes each year! That's a lot of veg for your buck, when you think the same number from the supermarket would set you back £179.

To mix it up a bit then why not sow a few bell pepper seeds? 15 plants can produce enough to save you around £57. When you think the supermarket charges about 50p for 1 pepper, and a single plant grows between 6-8 peppers per season, that's a huge saving. 

So by growing your own you're saving money, filling your table with tasty food AND reducing your food miles and CO2 footprint. You are literally reaping the benefits.

If you'd like to try your hand at growing food for the family, whether it's a few herbs in a window box or a patch in the garden for fruit and veg, here are a few organisations that can help you get started. 


Will you give this a go?
Here are some companies that can help you along the way

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