Replacing car journeys with an e-bike

Our 'Transformer' competition winner, Katharine, tells us how she's replacing car journeys and lowering emissions at the same time.

Last year, we asked the people of Bristol what support they would need to make more sustainable transport choices in our 'Transformer' competition. Lots of you participated and in association with EcoMove, the two-wheel electric mobility specialists, we were delighted to surprise one lucky respondent with an e-bike.

We caught up with Katharine, from Fishponds, to find out how her new e-bike has changed the way she travels...

Katharine with her new e-bikeTell us a bit about yourself?

I was born and brought up in Bristol. Although I went away to study, I moved back with my husband after I got married and we now live in Fishponds. I've worked at UWE since 1997 and my current role is Student Support Adviser at the Frenchay campus.

How do you normally travel around?

We tend to travel by car for long distance journeys but I've been using the e-bike to cycle to and from work three times a week. The journeys is 2.7 miles each way so the e-bike has replaced my car on most occasions.

What was your reaction when you heard you'd won an e-bike from EcoMove?

I was excited as I had been considering replacing my older e-bike. I enjoyed visiting EcoMove to test ride a few models before choosing the preferred one, with the expert assistance of the EcoMove staff. Collecting the bike was an equally smooth experience, with Nilloy, one of the team members, explaining all the features again.

Would you recommend an e-bike to others?

An e-bike is a great way to get about on short journeys, particularly for those less physically fit. Having the power assist gives confidence in cycling. Katharine with her new e-bike

How important is it to you to live sustainably?

We recycle as much as possible; food waste, paper, card, plastic, tins. I regularly donate unwanted clothing and household items to charity, as well as frequently purchasing things from charity shops in return!

When the British weather permits, we line dry our washing, having used a quick, low temperature cycle.

I'm also trying to use less meat in our diet and find tasty alternatives...cauliflower steaks anyone?!

Final thoughts?

Recycling household waste should be an automatic part of home life and regular roadside collections make it easy to do so.

We should always consider whether an item, or journey, is actually needed or if an alternative is possible.


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